Modular homes is a high quality modern architectural solution. SmartMods are much more robust and aesthetically pleasing than traditional wooden houses, container solutions or plastic mobile homes.

  Modular house is a ready-to-use building made of high quality materials, entirely in the factory and delivered to the plot on a lorry trailer. The time to assemble a building on a plot is usually one day.

  We divide SmartMod buildings into several categories, because they can have different functions. They are ideal as camping houses, summer and all-year-round buildings. For the industry, we have created a line of modern lodges that ideally replace ugly container guardhouses, significantly improving the space in front of the factory or housing estate. We also make small home offices as well as showrooms worth not just one investment. We offer a comprehensive solution for gastronomy in our offer.

SmartMod Modular Houses are characterized by a modern design and a comprehensive finish.





SmartMod modular buildings have been designed with care for every detail, because the space in which we live strongly influences our well-being.
Series SmartMod Suite has been designed as a modern and comfortable holiday homes. Monobloc solutions ideally suited as buildings cottages, larger cottages as year-round.
SmartMod Guard perfectly as a gatehouse, a guard booth, booth parking, concierge or ticket office at the hall, factory or gated community.
Bungalows are designed for owners attractively located recreational areas. The buildings are specifically designed mainly for holiday resorts, campsites, as well as individual investors.
SmartMod Guard is ideally suited as a guardhouse, sentry booth, parking box, concierge, or ticket office near the hall, factory or guarded housing estate.
SmartMod Bistro works well as a place to eat, restaurant, bar, coffee shop or ice cream parlor.
Modular Toilets were created for campsites, scenes of summer or parking on motorways.
SmartMod Office is well suited as a backyard office in the garden, the production hall, assembly and even as a representative office or showroom in the construction, eg. A new housing estate or other investments currently being implemented.
The offer also includes modules that were created on the question of individual customers, such as buildings on the water, and the needs of todays market - social housing.
W POLSCE Construction Law (Dz. U. 1994 No. 89, item. 414, as amended) "Building permits does not require the construction of detached single-storey building individual recreation (...) with a floor area of 35 m2, the total number of these objects the plot may not exceed one for every 500 m2 plot "
W POLSCE SmartMod meet record in / in the Act. Just only submit a notice to the office, which will come into force after a month.
SmartMod is built entirely on the hall and is ready for installation after about 2 months. Installation on a plot usually takes one day.
Mindful of security, each SmartMod can be equipped with an easy to close the house for the duration of our absence.
Both the color and material elevation is matched to the needs of the customer. This allows you to achieve freedom in creating unique charateru center or plot.
SmartMod has the entire installation water and sewage and electric ready for the - connect on the plot. Features can also be all the furniture ready for occupancy.
If you plan to rent SmartMod, this investment should be paid as early as 4 years (assuming rent only during the months of May - September)
With a limited space we used every centimeter to create a spacious and functional interior.
Each building SmartMod is made of high quality materials, it has a modern design and is being completed with attention to every detail.
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